The Room (film)

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Name: The Room
Creator: Tommy Wiseau
Date(s): 2003
Medium: Film
Country of Origin: United States
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The Room is a notoriously bad movie celebrated solely for its badness. Created, written, produced, and directed by the mysterious Tommy Wiseau, the film centers on a socially clueless man named Johnny set to marry his fianceé Lisa, who unbeknownst to him for most of the story is cheating on him with his best friend Mark. Johnny is also the father figure to a troubled young man named Denny, and works at a bank that keeps passing him over for a promotion.

The movie is known for its terrible acting and several unedited sex scenes, one of which is followed by Wiseau's bare butt shown to the audience as he gets out of bed.

Fan following

The film is considered one of the worst ever made, which seems to be the draw of it to fans. People will watch it on "bad movie nights" and the film has had public showings in which people laugh and jeer at the screen, sometimes while throwing spoons. Wiseau and the character of Johnny are the subject of involved fan theories, many speculating that Johnny is an alien or a vampire.

It's a source of many memes stemming from the horrible acting, mainly "o hai, Mark" and "YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, LISA!" The film also has an ensemble darkhorse in the "doggy", a grayish-white pug/sharpei mix who appeared in the infamous flower shop scene [1]. Fans declared the adorable pooch "too pure for this movie."

The Disaster Artist

Greg Sestero, the actor who played Mark, wrote his memoirs of both filming the movie and his relationship with the eccentric, moody Wiseau. The book was adapted into a 2017 film starring James and Dave Franco.






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