The Risk (Star Trek: TOS story by Chris Hoch)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Risk
Author(s): Chris Hoch
Date(s): 1993
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Risk is a K/S story by Chris Hoch.

It was published in the print zine As I Do Thee #20.


"I'm sorry, Jim." McCoy was the first to break the silence. "It wasn't your fault. I didn't have to take your advice. I could have kept my big mouth shut." Kirk got up and walked over to the fireplace. "No. You were right to speak up. And my advice was right, too. It's just you never know how Spock will react to things." McCoy shook his head. "I've never seen him run away before. I wouldn't have thought he'd do something like that."

Reactions and Reviews

Kirk and McCoy are in a cabin on a rainy day during a shore leave and Kirk remembers when he told Spock he loves him. Spock couldn't accept it. There's a devastating scene of Kirk remembering when he told Spock that he was in love with him and Spock's reaction was so brutally real, he stands up and starts to leave, insisting that " I am not 'feeling' anything. Captain," and "I am a Vulcan, I can not be what you want." When Spock shows up at the cabin. McCoy wisely leaves (thank goodness this isn't another "McCoy has to tell them what to do and how to do it scene).

The dialogue here is very sparse and direct. There is definitely something to be said for simplicity. There is power in such directness; it's very moving to read "And I love you, T'hy'la," and to visualize Kirk leaning forward to hesitantly kiss Spock. All done with clean, crisp dialogue.

I'm not at all certain what Kirk's sunburn had to do with anything except distract from the emotional impact of the story. Included are constant references to his having been burned on the soles of his feet and then later, it's Spock's turn.

Their first sexual encounter was maybe too sparse and was not fully described enough. But there were some really nice lines like: 'You are my life and I shall love you forever.' Their next sexual liaison was not described at all except in the past tense. The story would have been enhanced with a more in-depth scene.

I usually overlook most typos and don't ordinarily comment on them, but as this story progressed, there were so many that it became difficult to read. Except I got a chuckle out of this one: "Jim stayed sitting in the rolling serf..." Those peasants sure do like to move around.

Even though still not described enough, there was a lovely scene of K and S at the oceanside. having a picnic and making love on the beach. Also, when Kirk looks up into the night sky. wonders where the Enterprise is. and Spock points it out.

And you don't need any more than lines like this; "Beloved," he whispered, kissing the strong fingers, "you are my heart." They share a mind-link which is really lovely and tender. The loving and caring feelings that they share make up a bit for the slightly rushed sex.

I enjoyed this easy-going, direct story, especially the neat things they say and think with each other. [1]


  1. ^ from Come Together #6