The Red Dwarf Fan Club Newsletter

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Title: The Red Dwarf Fan Club Newsletter
Publisher: The Red Dwarf Fan Club
Editor(s): Karen Gibbs
Date(s): 1990s?
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Fandom: Red Dwarf
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issue 3

The Red Dwarf Fan Club Newsletter is a fan club newsletter published by the members of The Red Dwarf Fan Club. At least 3 issues were published.

Issue #1 contains "Lyrics from the closing theme and the song "Tongue Tied." Also "several cat stories and reprints of London newspaper stories."

Issue #2 contains "The scrolling information at the beginning of Series III, the backwards dialogue from the episode "Backward", Series 1 episode guide, an interview with Chros Barrie, a review of Grant/Naylor's new series "The 10%ers" and series VI sneak previews."

Issue #3 was published June 1993 and contains 29 pages.

  • General information
  • Misc Info For Our Members
  • Series Two Episode Guide
  • Series Six Tidbits
  • Mediawest Con party report
  • Craig On "Scene Today"
  • Star Test
  • Craig On Wogan
  • Club Support For PBS
  • Membership Drive
  • T-Shirt Orders
  • Kryten's news Corner
  • Conventions
  • Fan Clubs