The Real Ghostbusters and the Web of Evil

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Title: The Real Ghostbusters and the Web of Evil
Publisher: Elan Press
Author(s): Sheila Paulson
Cover Artist(s): Sandy Schreiber
Illustrator(s): Sandy Schreiber
Date(s): 1999
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Real Ghostbusters
Language: English
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inside art by Sandy Schreiber: "Ah, hurt/comfort! This illo from 'Web of Evil', the novella by Sheila Paulson, illustrates (snerk) that genre perfectly. Who doesn't love a good hurt/comfort scene? Needs more cocoa tho. Ink on Bristol" [1]
cover by Sandy Schreiber

The Real Ghostbusters and the Web of Evil is a 130-page gen Real Ghostbusters novel by Sheila Paulson. Front cover (color) and B&W interior artwork: Sandy Schreiber. Beta Reader was Linda Dennis, proofreader was Jim Batterby.

Summary from the publisher: "A stranger who appears very ill staggers into the firehall babbling of Evil, and of legions of ghosts about to endanger New York City. After telling Dr. Raymond Stantz that the Ghostbusters are the only ones who can stop the evil plotter responsible, he collapses right in front of the occultist. Trying to discover who poisoned this strange man (with a dart!) leads our heroes into a fight they can't afford to lose...."


  1. ^ from Sandy's Deviant Art page