The Puppy Shelter

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Name: The Puppy Shelter
Date(s): 200? - 200?
Moderator: several
Type: File Sharing
Fandom: Popslash
URL: puppyshelter on LJ (via wayback)
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The Puppy Shelter was a collaborative effort by community-minded popslash fans to share canon media before the advent of web-based tools like Youtube, Sendspace or bittorrents.

The files were generally .mp3 files or various video formats, and the content varied from concert footage to television appearances to radio interviews. The fans who ran the project used their own computers as download sites for FTP transfers of the files.

It was an important resource in the early growth of popslash fandom, since the canon media was unevenly distributed. Many fans didn't have access to MTV or its Canadian equivalent, MuchMusic, which were important canon sources. Hard-to-come-by concert clips and TV appearances from 'N Sync's early European career were also shared.

The circulation of this material helped contribute to the growth of the fandom and the development of characterization and story in the fanfiction.