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RPF Fandom
Name(s): The Professionals RPF
Scope/Focus: The Professionals
Date(s): 1977 to present
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The Professionals is RPF (Real Person Fiction) which centers around the lives of actors who appeared in the The Professionals.

It is a very rare genre. A fan in 1995 said:

[Actor slash] most assuredly exists in Pros. However, it is so far underground that you *might* get it from your best friend, if they had it. It started sometime in the mid-80's and had

a very, very small circulation. And before anyone asks, I don't have any. I have read it and it is done strictly tongue in cheek. [1]

Some Examples

  • Dead Beat features a Moody Blues/Pros crossover (1982)
  • Death on the 9:13 to Birkenhead a circuit RPS tale which caused a great deal of fannish discussion, most of it negative (1985)
  • The Female Factor by Meg Garrett in Green Eggs and Ham #2 (Sam leaps into a British actor [Martin Shaw] filming a pilot for an action show [which is The Professionals]. Ziggy says he's there to make a woman, or women, happy, so when the producer feels the other lead actor isn't working out, Sam's to suggest a replacement. Ziggy then says Sam has made thousands of women happy - but Al can't figure out why. This is an in-joke for Pros fans as Anthony Andrews was originally cast as Bodie, and they switched in mid filming to Lewis Collins.) (March 1992)

Fan Comments


I read a little of it in Pros and didn't like it, but not because it was actor slash. I didn't like it because the "characters" were not interesting. Bodie and Doyle are about a hundred times more fascinating to me than Martin Shaw or Lewis Collins. Fantasizing about MS and LC getting together might provide the rare (and brief) bit of amusement from time to time, but it's certainly nothing worth elaborating upon or committing to paper. Those guys are too real. And reality does not entertain me the way fiction does, even "reality" as seen through the slash goggles. B-O-R-I-N-G. [2]


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