The Portrait (Ghost and Mrs. Muir zine)

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Title: The Portrait
Publisher: MacWombat Press
Date(s): 2008 or before
Size: digest-sized
Genre: het
Fandom: Ghost and Mrs. Muir
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The Portrait is a het anthology by Linda Mooney. It is digest-sized and contains 64 pages.

  • "Reclamation" - The descendant of the artist who painted Captain Gregg's portrait comes to Gull Cottage to take it back.
  • "Restoration" - Carolyn Muir discovers that the Captain's portrait contains a unique power previously unknown to them both

Reactions and Reviews

"Linda Mooney's latest Ghost and Mrs. Muir fanzine, The Portrait, deals in a very unique way with the beloved prop in the show, the portrait of Captain Daniel Gregg. She has divided the fanzine into two parts, "Reclamation" and "Restoration", both of which explore separate possible avenues of thought. In "Reclamation", Linda puts a twist on the origins and the qualities of the portrait and has very believable characters scrambling to make sure that the portrait remains a fixture in Gull Cottage. Although the portrait is of Captain Gregg, much of the story focuses on Carolyn's emotions, giving us the opportunity to see more of her character emerge. Right from the start of "Restoration", Linda caught my interest and my dread as she wrote about Carolyn's growing frustration with her life in Gull Cottage. Then again, with a surprising twist, Linda comes up with a unique answer to the puzzle. Once again, the characters are well-developed and completely credible, meshing well with the characters as developed on the screen. I thoroughly enjoyed reading both stories, and would encourage any fans of the show who are interested in romantic fanfiction to read The Portrait." [1]