The Polar Novel

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Title: The Polar Novel
Author(s): Whiteotter
Genre: AU, het
Fandom: Roswell
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The Polar Novel is a Roswell Liz/Michael story by Whiteotter.

The Polar Novel was voted "Best Unfinished Fic" and "Best Fanfiction Ever" in the Roswell Undercover Ultimate Fanfiction Awards.


"The Polar Novel is the official recording of Michael and Liz's secret lives together in Roswell, New Mexico. The recordings begin when Liz Parker left Max Evans in the desert and then backtrack to when Michael returned Liz's journal to document how their relationship first began."

The novel has two parts, with the second volume remaining incomplete.

Reactions and Reviews

"I was mildly mortified by the idea of UC at the time, so I wasn't that "au courant" about the big fics in those fandoms. However, everyone at Fan Forum at the time was aware of the Polar Novel, which is, I think, still the defining UC fic in ANY UC ship. Even I, hardcore Dreamer that I am, can recognize it's impact and it's brilliance. Whiteotter is a genius, and we'll leave it at that. :D "[1]
"The best known Polar fanfic is the Polar Novel by Whiteotter. It is an AU story that follows the events in the show, but has a secret relationship between Michael and Liz that is happening the whole time. Early on, Michael and Liz agree that she has to keep up the pretense of her relationship with Max because he would be destroyed to lose her. So Michael also continues in his sham relationship with Maria. It is an interesting and clever idea, but it does start to fall apart around the end of season 1. But as far as Polar fans are concerned, it is the Bible."[2]
" I think the first fic, and definitely the first influential fic of note, was The Polar Novel. TPN was great because it followed the show and made a secret romance between Michael and Liz believable and forced a lot of dreamers to "look closer" and examine some of the subtext that was happening between Michael and Liz. And, I may be biased, but there was a lot of subtext."[3]


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