The Paladin Protocol

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Title: The Paladin Protocol
Author(s): SpaceAnJL
Date(s): 12/2009-07/2010
Length: 91,749 words
Genre: het
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
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The Paladin Protocol (AO3)

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The Paladin Protocol is an epic Sheldon/Penny story by SpaceAnJL; the author creates a reasonable ending to the season 3.

Summary: Every journey has to start somewhere. This one began when Penny found an alternative to paintball, and Sheldon dusted off an old skill.

The first chapter begins somewhere around episode 3x13 (even if there are little hints until episode 3x18 at least) and, from that point on, it becomes a Canon AU. The work is well done and well written, the characters are well developed.

Penny is snarky and sweet, she is the girl who likes dressing up, and playing Halo. She grows up with the story, she begins to understand what means being a woman, what makes a man.

Sheldon is a little bit OOC at the beginning, but he also grows up with the story, he does not lose his OCD, his 'spot' or his general weirdness, but it is less anomaly and more an eccentricity.

Leonard is the villain of the story, the author does not forgive him the prank of the can opener in episode 3x01. SpaceAnJL depicts him like a petty 'boy' with a big inferiority complex and a huge lack of affection.


  • This is a long story that felt way too short and I wanted like, five hundred thousand more words, it's that readable. A lot of authors get lost in a single facet of what they're writing; the fixit, the romance, the journey, the personal growth, the plot, and often they aren't as organically combined as this one manages mostly because, I think, she wa trying to write something she wanted to read and it was pretty accidental she also pulled off one of the best ship manifestos I've ever seen. [...] Unlike a lot of ship fic, the author adores both halves of her ship and devotes equal time to their awesomeness . I love Penny here, stripped of a lot of the show's objectification of her by bringing it into the open and discarding it because of all the reasons Sheldon might be attracted to her, her looks would be well down the list and the physical attraction kicking hard is shown to be well after it's fairly obvious he'd find her equally hot if she resembled an orc. It's hard to pull that off with a canonically drop dead gorgeous character, but it's done here very well.[1]