The Old Phoenix Inn

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Title: The Old Phoenix Inn ("Where Alternate Universes Meet")
Editor(s): the "Innkeeper" was Sourdough Jackson
Type: apazine
Date(s): 1977-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Darkover/Fafhrd/Star Trek/Lensman/Dragonriders/Dune/Tolkien/etc
Language: English
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The Old Phoenix Inn was an apa headed by Sourdough Jackson.

From a blurb in Darkover Newsletter #5:
We have heard separately from both Harry J.N. Andruschak and Sourdough Jackson that the proposed Darkover/Fafhrd/ST/ Lensman/Dragonriders/Dune/Tolkien/ etc. apa has been started. For those of you who inquired, here are the details. Its name is THE OLD PHOENIX INN (Where Alternate Universes Meet)—named for some such place in a Poul Anderson story, we are told. Mailings are quarterly. Minac is 6 pages every other mailing; 50 copies to be sent, deadline for first mailing is AUGUST 1, 1977 (Sourdough calls it "lifeline", but HJNA used the older term lest any mistake the meaning); dues $l/year (presumably subject to change with postal vagaries) to cover postage and mailing envelopes. If vou wish your mailings sent first class, arrange it with the Innkeener, who is SOURDOUGH JACKSON [phone number and Tempe, Arizona address redacted]. Sourdough adds that the copy count of 50 is for starters, there being no membership limit ("unless things get out of hand!") and "as few rules as possible"; election in the second mailing. And yes, though Star Trek is one of the possible alternate universes welcomed, this apa is NOT primarily ST-oriented. MZB adds that she will participate, as she had promised. [1]


  1. Darkover fans in Darkover Newsletter where this was posted, may have heaved a sad sigh. Bradley was already over-extended: she referred to Darkover Newsletter as a burden, was constantly telling fans she'd rather be writing fiction, and her promised commitment to this apazine may have made some fans frustrated that her time and energy was being diverted into a smaller audience.