The OaT Zine

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Title: The OaT Zine
Publisher: The Theban Band
Date(s): 2001
Medium: fanzine, e-zine
Fandom: Once a Thief
Language: English
External Links: Online version of the zine
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The OaT Zine is a slash fanzine focusing on the characters in the TV series Once a Thief.

It was published and illustrated by the Theban Band.

Two volumes were produced in 2001 and both were released to the net later that year and are now available online in pdf form, including all the manips that were used as illustrations.[1]

Both volumes won a 2002 FanQ.

Reactions and Reviews

[2000 comment]: The Theban Band OATzines are coming soon. I've seen proofs, and they're absolutely gorgeous, with glossy Theban Band pictures. I recommend Zine Two more than Zine One, for the stories by Calico and Tarlan. [2]

Volume 1

cover volume #1
cover volume #2

The OaT Zine 1 was published in 2001 and has 139 pages.

  • Work with Me - Anne Higgins
  • Designs on You - Aqualegia
  • Blood, sweat and tears - Cuffs
  • The View from Purgatory - LeFey
  • Recoveries - Lianne Burwell
  • Roses - Orithain
  • The Chief and the Director - Rina (winner of a 2002 FanQ)

Volume 2

The OaT Zine 2 was published in 2001 and has 167 pages.

  • Remember Me - Angel
  • Sway - Calico
  • Trinity Divided - Demi-X
  • Only In the Dark - Jami Wilsen
  • Into the Abyss - Nicole S
  • Roses II: Mixed Bouquet - Orithain
  • No Rhyme nor Reason - Tarlan (Two minor employees of the Agency are murdered. Is this attack aimed at the Agency or is there another reason for their deaths? The Director orders Vic, Mac and Li Ann to find out.)


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