The Nifty Erotic Stories Archive

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Name: The Nifty Erotic Stories Archive
Date(s): 1993 (or earlier-present)
Archivist: Chris, (David) (1993-)
Founder: an anonymous student at CMU, later staff member Chris
Fandom: original fic, RPS, Boy Band Slash
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The Nifty Erotic Stories Archive is, according to a recent article, "a web resource that comprises a vast collection of erotic fiction involving alternative sexualities (mostly gay male, but also bestiality, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender). It started as a personal archive of both pictures and stories made available to the public via anonymous FTP at CMU by student and, later, staff member Chris. In 1993 the archive was taken over by the current archivist, David, who categorized the stories and eventually created its current web incarnation."[1]

The 'Gay Male - Celebrity' sub-section of the archive was a major source of RPS and boyband fiction. It soon became one of the largest collections of RPS, with more than 1,500 boyband stories alone, some of which were several megabytes of plain-text in length.[2]

Reactions and Reviews

The Nifty archive is the site everyone insults in public but keeps in their bookmarks. Never, ever in my entire life have I had the displeasure of seeing so much shit in one place. The stories that are slashed there fall into the realm of places you just should not go, no matter how much your muse begs you - Jim Walsh from Beverley Hills 90210, Full House, Home Improvement. The real person slash reads like the notebook of a 13-year-old chronic masturbator - Matthew Lawrence and that annoying guy who used to date Jennifer Love Hewitt getting it on after a photo session, 18-part Mary Sues about Ryan Phillippe (or Justin Timberlake, I can never remember which). You have to dig for hours through the worthless metal to find a gem. And yet it's entertaining in the same way Showgirls or anything starring Pamela Lee is entertaining. It's so bad that it's fun. And if nothing else, you can go there, read the stories and tell yourself with relative assurance that at least your stuff isn't that bad. [3]

Has everyone heard about the child who finds a pile of manure beneath the Christmas tree, and plows right into it because darn, all that shit means there must be a pony underneath? That's how I feel when I go to the NA. There's some good stuff there but frankly, I don't want a pony bad enough to shovel that much shit out of the way. [4]

The archive was popular fodder for the Weeping Cock community on Livejournal.