The Mortal Moon

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Name: The Mortal Moon
Date(s): 2003 – early 2008
Moderator(s): Carawen Javolia
Type: Fuh-Q Fest
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: mortalmoonfest at Yahoo! Groups (members-only)
mortalmoon at InsaneJournal
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The Mortal Moon was a Harry/Remus Fuh-Q Fest. The first wave of the fest was held in 2003. The sixth and final wave started in September 2007 and may not have been completed.

Prompts, rules, and completed stories were posted to the fest's website. There was also a Yahoo! group for participants, which became members-only and inaccessible to the public by early 2008. An InsaneJournal community was created in August 2007 and was last active in March 2008.