The Millennium Quilt

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Title: The Millennium Quilt
Creator: created by many, compiled by Evelyn
Date(s): around 1999
Medium: quilt
Fandom: The Professionals
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The Millennium Quilt was a fan-created project meant to honor influential and senior Pros ''fen who have given so much to Pros fandom." [1]

Nattercon, held in May in at the Wayfarer Hotel in Milton Keynes, was the tenth anniversary of this British con. To celebrate both this event and the Millennium, a quilt was created consisting of 64 squares, each sewn or painted by a fan. Fans who had died had squares sewn in memory of them. American, Australian and European fans were represented and there were also squares for the hotel in which the con was held and other icons specific to Pros such as the Capris. The quilt was put together by one talented fan and raffled for charity. The quilt found a home in Scotland. A small zine with photos of all the squares, with comments by their designers, was also produced.[2]

One fan writes in a 1999 con report for Nattercon: "... it was time to view the Quilt. Evelyn, I told you at the time, but just for the record I'll say it again: You Are A Genius. Assembling all that diverse talent into one exquisite whole is a job I would have been terrified to tackle. The quality of the individual workmanship, too, was absolutely astounding. I still can't get over seeing the Desiderata lovingly embroidered in script no larger than an average person's handwriting. Truly a labour of love!" [3]


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