The Michael Biehn Fan Fiction Archive

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Name: The Michael Biehn Fan Fiction Archive
Date(s): 2000 (Wayback date) - present
Archivist: Tarlan
Type: actor-centric
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven, Multifandom
URL: (Wayback)
archive main page (2011)
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The Michael Biehn Fan Fiction Archive is an archive for fanfiction based on characters portrayed by Michael Biehn. It also hosts stills and screencaptures, fanart, icons, wallpapers, video clips and information about the movies and TV series featuring Michael Biehn.

The site does not archive "actor fic": stories about Michael Biehn, the actor.[1] Alternative universes (AUs), crossovers with other films or TV shows, poems, slash and adult stories about his characters are allowed.[1]

The page is a member of the Biehn Ring, the Magnificent Seven Fanfiction Webring. It was founded in 2000 or before and moved in 2002 to a new URL[2] and was renamed Phoenix - Michael Biehn Archive.

Fiction index with the main categories (2011)

As of December 2011, the following fandoms are included in the archive:


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