The M&M Files

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Name: The M&M Files
Owner/Maintainer: Courtney S.
Dates: November 21, 1999 - ??
Type: fansite
Fandom: Roswell
URL: (via Wayback)
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The M&M Files was a fansite dedicated to the Maria/Michael pairing of the Roswell fandom, it had various different multimedia for fans, including a gallery, fanfiction, wallpaper, and screencaps. It is named after the ships' characters initials.


  • Michael & Maria
  • Actor Bios
  • Picture Galleries
  • Fan Fiction
  • Seen & Heard
  • Wallpapers
  • Sound Bites
  • Screen Captures
  • Card Shop
  • Links
  • Support M&M
  • Message Board
  • Webrings

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