The Les Miserables Fan Fiction Index Interview with Laura Waterstripe/Quiara

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Interviews by Fans
Title: The Les Miserables Fan Fiction Index Interview with Laura Waterstripe/Quiara Laura Waterstripe
Interviewer: The Les Miserables Fan Fiction Index/Abby Goutal
Interviewee: Laura Waterstripe a.k.a. Quiara
Date(s): posted 21 November 2000
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Les Misérables
External Links: an interview with Laura Waterstripe[1] / An Interview With Quiara[2]
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In November 2000, Les Misérables fan writer Laura Waterstripe, a.k.a. Quiara, was interviewed for The Les Miserables Fan Fiction Index.

Interview Series


Quiara, who is Not Old Enough to Know Better, lives in upstate New York. She is studying liberal arts in Ithaca, NY, and likes to roleplay. She is best known for her classic slashfic Orestes Drunk and Pylades Fasting. Her other works include One Of Three and The Dead Revolutionary Sketch.[3]

Some Experts

Q: What kind of fic do you tend to write the most (humor, romance, vignettes, crossovers...)? Why?
A: I write a lot of slash because most of my incubi -- er, I mean muses -- are, well, not heterosexual. Apart from that, I'm a heretic. I like seeing Enjolras in love. All the Enjolrati in my head happen to be misogynistic to the Nth degree. The 'Ami falls in love with random girl' is quite overdone, anyhow. Yes, Les Mis slash is beginning to be overdone, too, but it wasn't when I started.
Q: Do you think Victor Hugo would approve of what you write, and do you care? :)
A: No, and no. I don't approve of everything he wrote, either. He certainly liked his exposition, not to mention his digression.
Q: Who's your favorite character and why?

A: My favorite character to write is Enjolras, but I like M. Gillenormand better. M. G. is funny, complex, and ignored.

Q: Do you plan on writing any fic about him?

A: He hasn't presented me with any particular plot, so, no. Writing about M. Gillenormand should be left to the people who can write a clue-enabled Marius.
Q: What's your advice to beginning fanfic writers?
A: Proofreading is next to godliness. If you find an author whom you respect, you might want to ask him/her to proofread (aka beta read) your new story. The more eyes see whatever it is you've written, the more likely it is that the bugs will be worked out of it. Everything has its own problems. Your job is to work them out.


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