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Name: The Les Miserables Fan Fiction Index
Date(s): 1997 - present (last updated October 2006)
Archivist: Abby Goutal
Founder: Abby Goutal
Type: fanfiction, fanpoetry, & filk archive & index
Fandom: Les Misérables
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Front page of the site, last updated October 21, 2006.

The Les Miserables Fan Fiction Index is a Les Misérables archive and index of links to Les Mis fanfiction on other sites.

Welcome to the Les Miserables Fan Fiction Index, your one-stop source for Les Mis fiction, poetry, and fannish weirdness since 1997. Here you'll find a huge archive of stories and links to stories, plus resources for fanfic writers, games, message boards, and more.[1]

As of its last update in October 2006, LMFFI archived roughly 280 stories and poems by 119 authors on-site, and contained links to over 500 additional stories hosted on other sites.[2]

Author Interviews

Les Miserables Fan Fiction Awards

I read quite a lot of Les Miz fan fiction in my never-ending quest to keep the Index up to date, and some of it -- I will not lie to you -- is abysmal. More is entertaining. Some shows promise. But every now and then I come across a fanfic which is downright well-written, and I wish to recognize this. So I have created the following: The Best of the Barricade [and] The Jean Prouvaire Award.[3]

The awards are no longer given and the winners are no longer indicated on the site.

The Best of the Barricade

As of February 2002, the following stories had received the award:[4]

  • "Jehan" by Ponine Enjolras
  • "24601", by Ponine Enjolras
  • "The Price You Might Pay", by Jennifer Jones
  • "Need", by Keponine
  • "Lovers", by La Javert
  • "City on the Edge of the Seine", by Mel Hughes
  • "Phantom Shadows", by Mlle. Enjolras
  • "Beyond the Barricade", by Shannon Russell
  • "Victor Hugo and the Little Thief", by Catien Javert
  • "Assumptions", by Mersault

The Jean Prouvaire Award

As of February 2002, the following poems had received the award:[4]

  • "Do You Hear the People Sing?", by kahlan
  • "A Drunkard's Prayer", by Little Gamin
  • "And the Flowers Grew..." by Merrie
  • "Untitled (Javert)" by Jessica Rabito
  • "Eponine Lost", by Ursula


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