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You may be looking for the fansite The Leaky Cauldron.

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Journal Community
Name: The Leaky
Date(s): September 2004 – November 2006
Type: Fandom RPG
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: the_leaky and outside_leaky (game communities)
the_drips (watcher/fan community)
The Leaky Website

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The Leaky, also known as The Leaky Cauldron RPG, was a Harry Potter RPG that ran on LiveJournal from 2004 to 2006.


Characters & Players

Notable Storylines


Marcus Flint (ginlikeflint) was played by ellensmithee until March 2005, then by kaalee from April to October 2005.[1] Oliver Wood (thebigbadwood) was played by deblovesdragon until July 2005,[2] then anonymously taken over by ellensmithee until October 2005.[3] Both character journals have since been deleted.

For Marcus/Oliver RP threads, see poster: thebigbadwood & poster: ginlikeflint at the_leaky and poster: thebigbadwood & poster: ginlikeflint at outside_leaky. See also kaalee's Character Summary: Marcus Flint, 09 July 2005.

Character Q&As: Oliver Wood Q&A (deblovesdragon, 30 November 2004), Oliver Wood Q&A (deblovesdragon, 28 June 2005), Marcus Flint Q&A (kaalee, 28 June 2005).

Deb commissioned the fanart A kiss is just a kiss from ildi_bp, based on a March 2005 scene of the same name, as a goodbye gift for Ellen when she left the character of Marcus. ildi wrote:

I must admit that they (Deb and Ellen) played together the most thrilling Marcus/Oliver, really, and managed to win me over from someone who never considered the pairing before to someone who was rooting for the Quiddich Captains wholeheartedly. Thank you ladies![4]

Other fans also credit the RPG for turning them on to the Flint/Wood ship. lore wrote in May 2005: "I am totally and utterly in love with Marcus/Oliver. And I never read them in fandom before, but I am weak in the knees for them now. Thank you [kaalee] for not ankling their romance. I would have been heartbroken, but instead, I am thrilled at the turns it has taken!"[5]

ildi later created another Marcus/Oliver illustration based on the April 2005 scene "The Morning After...".[6] The storyline also inspired Flint/Wood fanfiction such as kaalee's "A glorious, wild view..." (August 2005).

Fanworks Inspired by The Leaky


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