The Law of Conservation of Energy

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Title: The Law of Conservation of Energy
Author(s): peroxidepest17
Date(s): October 31, 2011
Length: 90,030 words
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: Masterpost at author's LiveJournal
Art Masterpost by artmetica; archive link
Cover art by artmetica

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The Law of Conservation of Energy by peroxidepest17 is a canon-divergent AU, a re-imagining of season 6, with a strong focus on the Dean/Castiel pairing. It is often recced, especially to new fans of the Destiel pairing, because the characterization is considered very close to canon. The fic was created for the 2011 Dean/Castiel Big Bang, with accompanying art by artmetica.


The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one state into another. And what is grace, if not energy? In order to win the war in Heaven, Castiel and the Winchesters embark on a cross-country quest to find the scattered shards of Gabriel’s grace in the hopes that its remaining power will be enough to defeat Raphael before he and Crowley can open the door to Purgatory.

Reactions and Reviews

This was the first Supernatural fanfic I had ever read, and will always hold a special place in my heart. As someone who didn't read fanfic, I found this was one of the best ones to ease me into reading them. It's cannon like, and to top it all off, it was beautifully illustrated by Artmetica (NaSyu). I would recommend reading it in PDF form, it's beautiful.[1]
I’ve read fics before where I am astounded by how in character the writer has made everyone. Well, this one is so in character, it kind of predicted a few canon moments. Cas and Dean are perfect. Sam is awesome and I just love his exasperated!Sam moments (slight elements of meddling!Sam and a whole lot of eyeroll-because-he-has-to-put-up-with-Dean-and-Cas’-shit!Sam). Hell, the Balthazar in this fic is probably the most well done Balthazar I’ve ever read. The plot is wonderful (though there are some times when you get hit over the head with parallels and other literary devices) and has an element of case fic, but is also (obvious I guess from the summary) quest-y. The interactions between the characters are fantastic and delightfully humorous. Read this now![2]
Another one of my fav fics, the relationship build is astounding, as are the different “missions” Dean, Cas and Sam embark in order to achieve their goal.[3]
This would be the perfect read for someone new trying out destiel for a ship because of the smooth transition of destiel into such a seamless plot.[4]
this was a really refreshing fic to read because while they’re out to hunt for Gabriel’s pieces of grace, Dean and Cas are forced into situations where they have to talk their problems out. It was honest-to-god satisfying in more than one sense[5]
OMG THIS IS AWESOME! While not heavy on the Destiel physical slash, it pounds the emotional stuff right into the gut. Physically painful and amazingly refreshing. Love it.[6]

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