The Laughing Torino

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Title: The Laughing Torino
Creator: Dargelos
Date: early 1980s
Format: VCR
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch

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The Laughing Torino is an early Starsky & Hutch vid.

Fans have always had a great, if quirky, sense of humor, so a lot of the early vids were joke vids, with one line of a well-known song illustrated by a single clip, or mixing dialog from one episode's scene to an unrelated scene for humor. The Laughing Torino was this kind of vid and also incorporated pornographic footage of men ejaculating or men stroking other men's bare rears with dialog of the guys taped over it. The Laughing Torino was originally broken up into its individual jokes and scattered throughout a collection of song vids so that the tape was broken up by these short moments of humor. [1]


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