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Name: The LOST Fanfiction Archive
Date(s): 2004 to present
Founder: Tigress35 and Miss Windy
Type: slash, fanfiction
Fandom: Lost
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The LOST Fanfiction Archive is a modified eFiction all-pairing, all genres, all ratings fanfiction archive for ABC's television series Lost (TV series)[1].

We accept virtually any type of Lost fan-written fiction, essays and poetry for our archives.

Members: 1508
Authors: 427
Fanworks: 690

Categories [2].
Slash [151] male/male and female/female pairings
Het [301] male/female pairings
Multi-Pairing [30] contains both slash and het pairings
Gen [180] non-shipper stories
Poetry [29] For Poetry/Filks/Songs
Non-Fiction [0] For meta, character analysis, episode reviews, theories, and etc.

In 2008, the database was overwhelmed with comment spam.

We have finally been able to hopefully stop the review spamming problem, which overwhelmed our database to the point that it had crashed. Unfortunately, however, we have lost all reviews... but we haven't lost any of the stories or authors. Thanks to everyone who emailed to alert us to the problem and we apologize for the inconvenience! Please email us again if you find anything amiss [3].

The site has experienced futher database issues. Currently, only the main page is accessible, but the stories are available on the WayBack Machine.


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