The Journal of the Whills

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Title: The Journal of the Whills
Author(s): Brendon Wahlberg
Fandom: Star Wars
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The Journal of the Whills is a Star Wars fic by Brendon Wahlberg. The title of it comes from George Lucas' Journal of the Whills.

Reactions and Reviews

I've already mentioned Brendon Wahlberg as a great fanfic writer. With Journal, he outdoes himself. There is not a single grammatical, spelling, or continuity error to be found, and Wahlberg seamlessly integrates material from the various canonical works into a new story that is profoundly worth telling. The Journal of the Whills has been referenced as early as the first SW novelization, but had little of a story of its own attached to it until now. Apparently it figures in the Star Wars universe as a sort of Bible-history, a holy text that is nevertheless updated for current events. The Emperor decides that the Journal is a threat to his rule, and makes a move to suppress it... provoking a plot that has real questions about the worth of life and the worth of knowledge, the value of religion, and the tyranny of George Lucas over fan-writers (all right, so I'm reaching with that last one. Sue me). [1]


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