The Iron is Hot

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Name: The Iron is Hot
Date(s): ?? - last update June 11, 2004
Archivist: TopazAngel and AngelChase
Founder: TopazAngel and AngelChase
Type: fanfiction and fanworks
Fandom: Buffyverse
URL: (at Geocities via wayback)
Screenshot of The Iron is Hot
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The Iron is Hot was a Cordelia/Wesley archive. The site is archived by Oocities.


About the name

"To most people, the "Iron is hot" (Angel Season 3, Waiting In The Wings) reference might seem as a Fred/Wesley moment, but the opening scene ("I'll make my move when the iron is hot" -Wesley- and "Stop feeling your hot iron" -Cordelia-) displays how wonderful the friendship between Cordelia and Wesley is (was?). Besides, at some point they also mention their romantic past (we will always have breadcrumbs).
We surely would have loved to see them together as a romantic couple, but if that can't happen, they were both at their best when they were bonded by friendship. And also, we all know that when Cordelia whispered to Wesley "The Iron Is Hot" she was talking about herself. No? Let us have our denial, geez."

Authors Archived

Andrea AngelChase Argheva Ashley Derry
Dougal JennyO Kath Kristi SciFiChick774
Seana Renay Tania Ten TopazAngel Viciouswishes