The Inheritance (Mary Renault story)

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Title: The Inheritance
Author(s): chazzbanner
Date(s): 04 August 2004
Length: 309 words
Genre: Crossover
Fandom: Mary Renault
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The Inheritance [1] is a crossover ficlet written by chazzbanner based on Fire from Heaven and The Last of the Wine. The spirit of Alexias lives on in a bronze statue of Hermes (for which he modelled) and observes Alexander the Great. Two quotations from the novels (one from each) are included within the ficlet (and noted through italics).

Comments received on the story include:

  • Gorgeous! Just gorgeous -- what a wonderful idea and carried out beautifully.[2]baranduin
  • Love this: “bright beast of Macedon touched by the god.” I think that's a great description of Alexander.[3]lorie945


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