The Hunting Song

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Title: The Hunting Song
Creator: Mary S Van Deusen
Date: Originally created c.1988-1994; remastered September, 2005
Format: avi
Length: 17.5MB
Music: "The Hunting Song" by Tom Lehrer
Genre: humour
Fandom: The Professionals
Footage: original source material
*Download Link at The Circuit Archive
*Vidder's Website

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"The Hunting Song" is a The Professionals vid by Mary S Van Deusen. It was originally created circa 1988-1994 and remastered by the vidder in September, 2005. It is a humorous vid.


[L] & I were going though a bunch of songtapes before the last Seattle SlashBash, and found one that was unlabeled. I think it had a video for every single song Tom Lehrer ever wrote, one right after the other. Do you know how boring this can get? Especially since most of the songs seemed to be only vaguely related to whatever fandom was being shown? I still love a few of them -- The Hunting Song (Pros) is my favorite -- but feel many of them needed a little work to be 'just right'. (For example, Masochism Tango for Avon & Servalan). [1]


  1. comments from Virgule-L, quoted anonymously (April 13, 1994)