The Humanoid Sexual Techniques Series

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Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan Fanfiction
Title: The Humanoid Sexual Techniques Series
Author(s): 'chelle
Date(s): 06 September 1999 - 13 January 2000
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
External Links: The Humanoid Sexual Techniques Series (Master & Apprentice)
Humanoid Sexual Techniques (Chelle's Nightstand)

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The Humanoid Sexual Techniques Series is a Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan story by 'chelle.

Summary: Humanoid Sexual Techniques series: Obi Wan teaches sex ed, Jedi style -- with a little, uh, help from his master.

Author's note:

This was the first of a series of Australian-bred bunnies to bite me. Mac, Emu, and Wolfe conceived of the idea of our favorite Jedi teaching a sex ed class. Being ludicrously susceptible to Aussie bunnies, I wrote it. There are ten stories thus far and someday there may be an eleventh. While these stories are not truly a sequel to The Padawan's Penis, there are some references which will make more sense if you have read that story.


  • HST 01 .:. PG .:. 17 kb - Obi-Wan sulked as he walked through the Temple to the dining hall.
  • HST 02 .:. PG-13 .:. 16 kb - Qui-Gon's entry into their quarters was greeted with a wave of misery flowing to him from the direction of his Padawan's quarters.
  • HST 03 .:. PG-13 .:. 21 kb - Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon entered the classroom together.
  • HST 04 .:. R .:. 13 kb - "How was the rest of your day?" Qui-Gon asked as he entered the common room of the quarters he shared with his padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • HST 05 .:. NC-17 .:. 21 kb - Qui-Gon spoke as soon as he entered the common room.
  • HST 06 .:. PG .:. 6 kb - Obi-Wan caught up with Qui-Gon in the hallway outside of their quarters.
  • HST 07 .:. PG .:. 16 kb - Obi-Wan resisted the urge to watch his master wiggle into the desk chair. Instead he focused his attention on the students seated before him.
  • HST 08 .:. NC-17 .:. 22 kb - Obi Wan was fairly glowing as he approached his customary lunch table.
  • HST 09 .:. NC-17 .:. 20 kb - Obi-Wan woke slowly and snuggled tighter against the warm body next to his.
  • HST 10 .:. NC-17 .:. 12 kb - Obi-Wan entered the classroom with Qui-Gon at his side.

Recs and Reviews

These were some of the first stories I read on the archive. They are completely hilarious and extremely hot, even embarrasing at times. Poor virgin!Obi-Wan, forced to endure having his master help him teach a class on sex ed. What will happen? Will this mean they actually have sex? Will they have to demonstrate it to the class (all of whom are asking for it)? Will Qui-Gon be able to squeeze into one of those little desks with a boner? Will they ever get to the hetrosexual part of the class? Taken altogether, they're less than 200K, and worth every moment of it.[1]

This story is amazing. Looking at the title, one would assume that it would just be a whole bunch of gratuitous sex, but it's surprising. Obi-Wan ends up having to teach a sex-ed class and finds himself stumbling a bit because he has no examples of what he's talking about. Amused by his dillemma, Qui-Gon (a very sexy one in this case) pops into his class and offers his help. However, as professional as it starts, both of them begin to uncover deeper feelings. It's not just one big long pwp, it is actually a romance, just one that starts in a funny and very sexual manner.[2]

It's humor! You have to suspend much disbelief for this series to work for you but...ha! It's worth the effort. Hot sex, hot innuendo, a hilarious premise, virgin!Obi-Wan -- the whole thing cracks me up every time. Obi-Wan has to teach a class on Humanoid Sexual Techniques; Qui-Gon decides to give him some help. *bg*[3]

humanoid sexual techniques 01: oral stimulation level one, 02: tactile stimulation: the prep work, 03: tactile stimulation: the class, 04: oral stimulation level two, 05: vaginal intercourse. (there are a few more in the series, but i've never finished it.) qui/obi, nc-17, humor, first time. entertaining and cute. obi-wan is asked to teach a humanoid sexual techniques course; qui-gon decides to observe. and then assist.[4]


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