The Horizon Blake's 7 Technical Manual

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Title: The Horizon B7 Technical Manual
Publisher: Horizon
Editor(s): Paul Holroyd
Date(s): Part 1 1988, Part 2 1990, Part 3 1992
Medium: print
Size: Full-sized
Fandom: Blake's 7
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The Horizon B7 Technical Manual is a non-fiction canon resource for Blake's 7. It has three parts.

front cover of part 1
From a distributor, Knightwriter:
Full-sized, loose-leaf. THE definitive visual guide to the Blakes 7 Universe. Detailed drawings/plans/scales of all the spacecraft, weapons etc. Part One (which comes with a Starter Folder) includes the Liberator (exterior); Liberator, Scorpio and Federation hand-guns, Liberator teleport bracelet, Federation Supreme Command Headquarters and Starburst Class Pursuit Ship. Part Two includes detailed interior plans of the Liberator, Scorpio (exterior), Scorpio teleport bracelet, Federation Transport Ships (including the 'London'). Part Three includes detailed interior plans of the Scorpio, Orac and the Liberator's instrumentation. Also included is a guide to Federation uniforms, more on Spaceworld and on The System. Further parts to follow... An invaluable guide for all fans, especially modellers and writers! Designed, drawn and written by Paul Holroyd.

Reactions and Reviews

The technical manual to which I referred is Horizon's Blake's 7 Technical Manual. It has been published in 3 parts so far, with, I understand, another two to go.

I'm not absolutely certain on the contents of the various parts, having long since amalgamated it all but I think it's as follows:

Part 1: The folder, external plans of various ships, including Liberator and Scorpio, and equipment, including teleport bracelets and guns. Part 2: Liberator floorplans, text on various ships, more extrenal ship plans. Part 3: Scorpio floorplans, Liberator instrumentation, Federation uniforms, plans for Orac.

Promised for the next part are Xenon floorplans, and more on Federation ships, Liberator and Scorpio.

The TM is visually superb, and fascinating: Ever wanted to know where the loos were on Liberator? It's also an excellent reference and support text for anyone of a role-playing bent, wonderful for showing players who aren't necessarily hardcore B7 fans... [1]
The Technical Manuals parts 1 to three arrive in a 2 ring A4 paper size binder. Parts 2 and 3 are supplements intended to be placed into part 1 of the Technical Manual. There is a promise of parts 4 and 5 to appear 'real soon now'.

First impression: Really cool stuff. Lots and lots of spiffy drawings.

Second impression: The drawings of the Federation uniforms appear to have been traced from the Star Trek technical manual. The boots and people outlines are very close.

Third impression: Oohh, I want to build some toys!

Good stuff: Lots and lots of nice line drawings of stuff. Look is very much like the old Star Trek technical manual. Nice drawings of props and sets.

So-So stuff: Details of the props such as the Liberator and Scorpio handguns; however, details about holsters and power cords are missing. [2]


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