The Grey Rat Stamp Book

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Title: The Grey Rat Stamp Book
Creator: the bidding committee for the 1996 Worldcon
Date(s): 1989
Medium: print
Fandom: science fiction
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The Grey Rat Stamp Book is a 40-page booklet produced by the bid committee's campaign to hold the 1996 Worldcon in Los Angeles.

the front cover
the back cover

Fans were invited to attend other cons and collect stamps at the bid parties. The stamp book was $5.

The L.A. in '96 Bidding Committee invites you to STICK WITH EXPERIENCE - STICK WITH US. Collect the L.A. Con III Stickers distributed at our bid parties over the next four years ~ from September 1989 to September 1993.

Turn in a Sticker Book with at least 20 different stickers (out of more than 60 possible), together with a Voting Receipt from the 1996 Site Selection Voting, and — if we win, of course - receive a full Attending Membership. And, of course, your Book back (if you want it.)

Sample Pages

Sample Stamps