The Grandmother and The Demon

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Original Fiction
Title: The Grandmother and The Demon, Annette and Todd, Grandmother and Todd, Todd and Granny, Grandmother and Demon
Author(s): eatbreathewrite, rocky-horror-shit-show, silvermoonphantom, wickedwitchofthewifi, jumpingjacktrash
Date(s): April 2017 (beginning)
Length: 15,000+ words
Genre: gen
External Links: tumblr post (missing extended ending by jumpingjacktrash) ; archive link
imgur (image including extended ending by jumpingjacktrash); archive link

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The Grandmother and The Demon is one of several possible titles for a story that went viral on Tumblr in the spring of 2017. The story began as a writing prompt:

An old and homely grandmother accidentally summons a demon. She mistakes him for her gothic-phase teenage grandson and takes care of him. The demon decides to stay at his new home.

The initial response and the main story is written by eatbreathewrite. It centers around Annette, an elderly grandmother, with bad eyesight, who mistakes the unnamed demon for her absentee grandson Todd, whom she has not seen in ten years, because of the kindness and love shown to him he decides to become Annette's grandson.

“I found these designs in an occult book I borrowed from the library. I thought you’d like them on a nice, warm blanket to fight off the winter chill—I hope you do like it.” With gentle hands, she spreads the blanket over the demon’s broad, spiky back like a shawl, smoothing it over craggy shoulders and patting its arms affectionately. “Happy birthday, Todd, dear.” Well, that settles it. Whoever, wherever, Todd is, he’s clearly missing out. The demon will just have to be her grandson from now on.
Art of Annette and Todd, created by bigmammallama5, in response to the initial story

User geniusorinsanity replied, "I WOULD WATCH SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE", so users rocky-horror-shit-show and silvermoonphantom responded with ideas for what would be in the TV show, including Todd and Annette going around town together, Todd getting Annette a hellhound, named Honey, as a seeing eye dog, and Todd becoming mayor of their small town.

The next large body of the story was written by wickedwitchofthewifi. It is about Annette coming to the end of her life, and after being told about the fate of her soul Todd undertakes a difficult journey to ensure she enters an afterlife that includes her family:

Todd looks down, holding Anette’s soul against his chest, he takes a deep breath, and speaks a single word, “Please.” The two larger beings are taken aback by this. They are too used to Todd’s kind being belligerent, they consult with each other, they argue. The amorphous one seems to want to be lenient, the lion-headed one insists on being stricter. While they’re arguing Todd sneaks by them and runs as fast as he can, deeper into the brightly lit expanse. The path on which he travels begins to slope upwards, and eventually becomes a staircase. It becomes evident that each step further up the stair is more and more difficult for Todd, that it’s physically paining him to climb these stairs, but he keeps going.

After they reach their destination Todd is told he must leave, he intends to do so, but Annette won't hear of it:

The mysterious figure appears next to Todd again and tells him once more he must leave, Todd opens his mouth to answer but Anette cuts him off. Nonsense, she tells the figure. IF she’s gonna stay here forever her grandson will be welcome to visit her. She and the figure stare at each other for a moment. The figure eventually sighs and looks away, the figure asks Todd if she’s always like this. Todd just shrugs and smiles, allowing Anette to lead him through a pair of pearly gates, she’s already talking about how much cake they’ll need to feed all of these relatives.

An extended ending was added by jumpingjacktrash, which revealed that Annette had known Todd was a demon for some time, but he was still her grandson.

As of December 2018, the post has over 460,000 notes on Tumblr.