The Genetic Archive

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Name: The Genetic Archive
Date(s): Dec 23rd, 2008 - present
Type: Fanfiction Archive
Fandom: Repo! The Genetic Opera
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The Genetic Archive came online and opened publicly in December 2008. It is powered by eFiction's open source script and aims to be a home for any and all fanfiction for the horror rock opera movie Repo! The Genetic Opera.

As of April 2009 there were over 60 members and 49 stories.[1]

The site was moved from to on January 9, 2010.

The Genetic Archive

The Archivists

This is Q's second fanfiction archive. Her first was Silent Hill Fanfiction Archive. She has been involved in the Repo! The Genetic Opera fandom since 2007, when a preview was shown on the Spike Scream Awards.

Archive Policies

The Genetic Archive is pretty lax in its policies.

  • Respect other users.
  • Use proper grammar and a spell check in your stories.
  • No flaming or spamming
  • No script fic
  • Use proper warnings and categories.

Most the rules are drawn from common sense and netiquette.