The Gayest Show On Earth

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Title: The Gayest Show On Earth
Creator: joandarck
Date(s): February 2006
Medium: video, 3 minutes, 5 MB
Fandom: The Sentinel
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More of a video essay than a traditional fanvid, this vid combines clips from the first three episodes of The Sentinel with textual commentary to point out all the slash subtext in canon.

Creator Notes

"I acquired the first three episodes of The Sentinel. It's a funny little show - full of amateur (supporting) acting and continuity problems - but weirdly appealing. And, it is the gayest show on earth. They start trying to crawl down each other's shirts in the first half hour and after that they're just married.

In celebration, I made this short video essay. None of this footage is faked, people."

A related video is The Sentinel: 100% Straight.

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