The Fellowship of Heroes

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Title: The Fellowship of Heroes
Publisher: Agent With Style
Author(s): Nadja Lee
Cover Artist(s): Nadine
Illustrator(s): Paradise
White Witch
Bonnita Goulden
Date(s): 2000
Medium: print
Genre: het and gen AU
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse/Lord of the Rings
Language: English
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cover by Nadine

The Fellowship of Heroes is a het and gen AU 300-page novel by Nadja Lee. Artwork: 2 B/W artwork by Paradise, 1 B/W pencil artwork by Henrika as well as 15 internal colour artwork done by RayOfLight, White Witch and Bonnita Goulden. One full colour front cover done by Nadine.

The pairings are: Ororo/Legolas; Logan/Rogue; Scott/Jean; Scott/Eowyn; Eowyn/Faramir; Aragorn/Arwen; Boromir/Elia.


Summary from a distributor, Agent With Style: "Scott, Logan, Ororo and Rogue -- land in Middle-earth, in the middle of the forming of the Fellowship of the Ring. The four X-Men join the Fellowship on their Quest, but aren't sure if they are sent to save or destroy the Fellowship. Unbeknownst to them, Sauron has called the evil and power-hungry Phoenix, an alter-ego of Jean, Scott's wife, to aid him. As Scott fights with the realization that he might have to battle his wife, Rogue battles her own desires, which the Ring feeds, while Ororo and Legolas fight their growing attaction. Will the four new members of the Fellowship be able to save Boromir? Will Phoenix help Sauron destroy Middle-earth? Will her plans change after learning of Faramir? Does Ororo hold the key to an old prophesy and will the X-Men ever manage to find a way back home? Love, brotherhood, intrigue, drama, angst...emotions run high as new bonds are formed and some give their very all."


Book 1: The Fellowship

  • Chapter 1: Strangers In Middle Earth
  • Chapter 2: Getting To Know You
  • Chapter 3: A Storm Is Coming
  • Chapter 4: The Doors Of Durin
  • Chapter 5: They Have A Cave Troll
  • Chapter 6: The Bridge Of Khazad-dûm
  • Chapter 7: A Question Of Leadership
  • Chapter 8: In The Golden Wood
  • Chapter 9: Temptation
  • Chapter 10: Battles For Life And Healing
  • Chapter 11: The Death Of A Hero
  • Chapter 12: Moving On

Book 2: Towers Of Darkness

  • Chapter 1: On Love And Strength
  • Chapter 2: Finding A Ray Of Hope
  • Chapter 3: Meeting Eomer
  • Chapter 4: White Wizard
  • Chapter 5: In Edoras
  • Chapter 6: A Brother?s Grief
  • Chapter 7: Resurrection Of A Hero
  • Chapter 8: Gaining Power; Losing Friends
  • Chapter 9: A Heart For A Life
  • Chapter 10: Do You Believe In Miracles?
  • Chapter 11: Brothers Of Gondor
  • Chapter 12: Battle At Helm's Deep
  • Chapter 13: Revelations

Book 3: The Return

  • Chapter 1: The Fate Of Isengard
  • Chapter 2: The Force That Drives You
  • Chapter 3: Matters Of Sacrifice
  • Chapter 4: Before The Steward
  • Chapter 5: In This Moment
  • Chapter 6: Strange Bedfellows
  • Chapter 7: The Battle For Minas Tirith
  • Chapter 8: The End Of An Era
  • Chapter 9: Coming Full Circle
  • Epilogue
  • Bonus: Lament To A Hero
  • Author's Notes