The Fanfic Hospital

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Title: The Fanfic Hospital
Creator: many
Date(s): 2009?
Medium: online
Fandom: The Sentinel
External Links: main page, the stories
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The Fanfic Hospital is a collaboration of nine well-known Sentinel writers.

The twelve stories are satires of common fanfic tropes.

The Stories

Reactions and Reviews

Theme: gateway fic

Summary: What is crack fic? Want to read some written by some very good writers? The Fanfic Hospital series is your passport into the genre. The series started out as one short story written after a convention (known as GMOH) with Garett Maggart, the actor who plays Blair Sandburg, in 2008. When several of the attendants came down with the flu, they collaborated as they recuperated, coming up with the idea of the Fanfic Flu, which turns anyone it infects instantly gay. The series has inspired other writers to contribute and the universe is currently up to twelve stories written by nine authors.

Reccer's Notes: The stories poke (mostly) good-natured fun at some of the more... improbable themes in our fandom such as Everyone is Gay, Gay Only For You, and True Luurve making the impossible possible, such as Blair carrying Jim up to bed.

The nice thing about this series is it shows, close to twenty years after TS fanfic began, that there are still plenty of good writers around, still good ideas to be explored, and still writers who are friendly enough to inspire each other. And, as with the SVS I recommended earlier, the reader gets exposed to a variety of writers and can then spring-board into their other stories. Enjoy. [2]


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