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The Eyes of Beauty Project was a project by Beauty and the Beast (TV) fans.

a 1989 flyer printed in Destiny #2
From a 1989 flyer:
We are seeking to make as many Beauty and the Beast fanzines as possible available in either Large Print Editions for those with impaired vision or on cassette tape for the blind. This is a joyful project not intended to make a profit — costs are shared between the zine publishers and the printer on the LPE's so that a buyer does not pay more than the normal price of the work — but simply to open the fascinating world of the fanzines to all who wish to participate in it. For more information concerning availability, price, production time or any other questions you may have about the Large Print Editions, write to: [ Destiny Press address redacted]...
(Please note: Destiny Press does not publish any zines other than the Destiny series and is involved with these other zines only to the extent of having the agreement with their editors to allow these works to be printed in LPE.)
Please note: Cassette tapes themselves are not inexpensive, so the price of a taped zine or publication may be higher than the normal cost of the zine.

The zines that could be taped: Destiny #1 and #2, and Pipline Newsletter.

The zines that could be printed in large print editions were: Beauty and the Beast Literary Compendium, Destiny #1 and #2, Heartsounds #1, and Light and Cloudshadows #1, #2, #3, and #4.

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