The Eskimo Thing

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Fraser/Vecchio Fanfiction
Title: The Eskimo Thing
Author(s): Merry
Length: 6672 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
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The Eskimo Thing is a Due South Fraser/Vecchio story by Merry.

Zabira made a podfic of the story in 2008.

Reactions and Reviews

I've been waiting years for Merry to finish a Due South story, because I knew just how good it would be once she did -- and she didn't disappoint at all, here. This is a wonderfully warm, funny, snarky, caring, cranky, awkward, sexy, hot first time, as wonderfully surreal as only Due South can get away with being. She nailed the voices and the rhythms, making me incredibly happy. [1]
I am actually stunned that no one has recced this yet [at Crack Van], and thrilled that I get to. This fic fills me with sheer delight; when I first read it, I literally left the browser window open for about a week on my laptop at home—I couldn't bear to close it and not have this story instantly accessible. I have six words for you: the Inuit made them do it. If that's not enticement enough, Merry's Vecchio POV is probably the best I've read, dry and world-weary and absolutely hysterical, with genuine feeling shining underneath. And her Fraser is equally wonderful, repressed and passionate and infuriating and sweet and Fraser, and it is a trial to try to choose a section as an excerpt because the entire thing is just filled with narrative gems. [2]


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