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Name: The Edge
Dates: 2002(?)-2004
Type: fanfic site
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
URL: (via Wayback)

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The Edge was a SlashCity site that hosted the Stargate SG-1 fanfiction of JayEm, Hapshut, Quinn and Sharilyn.


What the Stars See... ~ a tale of love and the value it holds - my first slash story ever.
Fire ~ I suppose one might call this PWP, if one considers objectification of one’s desire a lack of plot
Water ~ an alternate POV to Fire, above.
The Edge ~ Sex, mush...all in a day’s work...
Angels Answer Me ~ more objectification. Sometimes it takes a while to get it out of your system
Once in a Blue Moon ~ and this is pure sex
In Dreams ~ Dreams are funny things. Tag to Beneath the Surface
Crossing the Divide ~ Done to prove I could write a slash tag to Divide and Conquer. And as an addition to Scribe’s shower series...a worthier literary pursuit than it might appear on the surface of things.
Damn ~ Pure fun. Awakening spurred on by a certain attire of note...
On the Threshold ~ An, um, Threshold tag...
The Profoundest Fact ~ A Christmas story, maybe, sort of...
Come to the Edge ~ A dream turned to fic. A testament to the power of love?
Wish I May - Inspired by the Leonids...and Ankh on IM
The Fire Sermon - the fires of hell shall not....
Broken Wing - : And in the end, there comes a beginning…(Pt 1 of the Angels series)
Complete Simplicity - Breaking through the walls...
Shades of Dark and Light ~ MS/Tag to Shades of Grey. Jack makes a discovery just as he must leave SGC...
Tangent: Coming Home - What it says...
The Gift is in the Giving ~ Christmas story, really. Jack has an epiphany while Christmas shopping...Who’s to say it isn’t supposed to happen that way?
What Shall We Do With a Drunken Linguist? ~ The green goo is dangerous stuff....
Closing the Door ~ Missing scene for Enemies
On a Prayer ~ an AU approach to Season Four, please read the warnings..
Now and Again - The ties that bind…
Eyes in the Dark - Darkness doesn’t necessarily cover all…
Resolutions 1: Damage Done ~ more season four fixing, God knows it needed where the boys were concerned....
Grief: a favored manip by a dear friend, awaiting a story to go with it...
Storms - an odyssey of discovery....and way too much snow


Inner Man Series: Revelation - The lesson Shifu sought to teach Daniel leads to serious and unexpected repercussions (slash, J/D, R)
Inner Man Series: Revenge - Daniel's revelation leads to a dangerous situation. (slash, J/D, R)
Inner Man Series: Repercussions - Kinsey's actions threaten the future of SG-1. (slash, J/D, R)
Inner Man Series: Retreat - Can Jack help Daniel come to terms with what happened to him? (slash, R, J/D)
Inner Man: Restoration - What does the future hold? (slash, NC17, J/d)
Being Daniel - The importance of being Daniel. (slash, NC17, J/D)
Survival - Reflections on what is, and what might have been (slash, PG13, J/D)
The Choice - : A new mission results in a touch choice (slash, NC17, J/D)
North and South - in the aftermath of Menace (slas, PG13, J/D)



Quinn's Bar Series

It Happened One Night at Quinn’s Bar - Daniel reveals his feelings have changed towards his friend. (preslash, all J/D)
Quinn’s Revisited - Daniel has a little bout of survivor’s guilt. (PG)
Another Night at Quinn’s- Jack and Daniel talk about the day’s adventures.(PG)
Just a Quiet Evening at Quinn’s: Daniel goes to Quinn’s alone while Jack is stranded on Edora. (PG13)
Dark Night at Quinn’s - Jack sees Daniel at Quinn’s after the unpleasant scene at Jack’s house. (PG13)
Showdown at Quinn’s - Jack and Daniel face off. (PG13)
Another Shot at Quinn’s - Jack and Daniel talk. (PG13)
A Chance Encounter at Quinn’s - Jack and Daniel run into some unexpected company. (G)
Reminiscing at Quinn’s - what is says<g>. (PG)
A Little Shake-up at Quinn’s - Just another quiet evening at the guys’ favorite watering hole. (PG
A Loop Off at Quinn’s - The bartender finds evidence of breaking and entering. (NC17)
Lending a Hand at Quinn’s - The old bartender is out with a broken arm, so someone else takes over behind the bar. (G)
A Different Perspective at Quinn’s - Jack and Daniel through the eyes of a stranger (G)
Twilight at Quinn’s - The new bartender listens in as Jack and Daniel talk. (G)
Over a Drink at Quinn’s - The bar gets a new owner. (G)
A Return to Quinn’s - the bartender is back. (G)

Other Tales

The Best Part of Waking Up - Daniel muses upon waking. (J/D) (G)
An Echo of Freedom - Daniel is a prisoner of the Air Force, forced to serve under Jack O’Neill’s harsh command. (AU, NC17, J/D, D/O, please read story warnings)
More Than Friends - Daniel meets a man who makes him rethink what he wants in his life. (NC17, J/D, D/O)
Tit for Tat (sequel to More Than Friends) - When Jack vanishes, Daniel begins a desperate search to find him before it’s too late. (NC17, J/D)
Elusive Memories - While showering, memories of the night before come back to haunt Daniel. (PG, J/D)
Better This Way - Daniel chooses the way that seems best for him. (PG, J/D)
Buddies - originally posted as a series of 5 stories following the development of friendship into more. (PG13, J/D)
Living a Dream - Jack’s subconscious is trying to tell him something. (PG13, J/D)
Hanging: Hanging Out - Daniel and Jack spend their downtime together. (PG, J/D)
Hanging: Hanging On - Jack reads something in Daniel’s journal that shocks him. (PG, J/D)
Hanging: Hanging In - Jack and Daniel talk. PG, J/D)
Hanging: Hanging Around - Sex. (NC17, J/D)
Soul Mates - Jack thinks about Daniel’s role in his life. (PG, J/D)
This Is It - When Daniel suffers a terrible injury, Jack has trouble adjusting. (PG13, J/D)
Daydreams and Nightmares (sequel to This Is It) - While Jack is away on a mission, Daniel fights for more than his life. (NC17, J/D)
Possibilities - a look at the possibilities. PG, J/D)
A Matter of Trust- Jack asks Daniel a question. (G, J/D)
The Journey's End - Being stranded is only the beginning of Jack and Daniel's journey.(slash AU first time, NC-17: J/D, D/O)
Where There's Smoke - An AU built on the world seen in Teal'c's dream
There's Fire - Part two of the AU begun in Where There's Smoke
Fanning the Flames - Part three of the AU series above
Waiting 1: Blue Christmas - Not every holiday is bright.
Waiting 2: Facing Facts - Daniel picks up his things from Jack's house.
Waiting 3: An Evening Out - Jack and Sam have dinner together
Waiting 4: A Change in the Wind - Daniel makes a decision
Waiting 5: In the Dark - Jack has trouble sleeping.
Waiting 6: Getting There - Daniel is trying to get home
Waiting 7: Regrets This story has two endings, a happy resolution and a less happy one.
Angry Words - Daniel and Jack argue


Hands (series of four) - Hands come to mean much more than they appear on the surface.. (slash, J/D, NC17)
Six Feet - After an unforeseen accident on a mission, Teal'c must find a way to save Daniel. (pre-slash, J/D, R)
Just Another Day at the Office - what it says...<g> (pseudo-slash, HC)
Truth or Consequences- (WIP, up to chapter 45)Jack and Daniel become subjects of tests that force them to confront many truths and consequences. (slash, angst, HC, J/D, NC17)
Threnody - Sam has a dream wherein she experiences some home truths regarding Jack and Daniel (slash, PG13, angst)
Relationship (series) - snippets of daily life (Slash, J/D, angst, humor, PG13)
The Last Night - the last night of a mission (slash, PG)
Reluctant Romeo - challenge story, humor, slash, PG
Zephyr - Jack gets poetic...among other things(slash, PG13)
Of Sand and Stone - companion to Zephyr (slash, R)
Culmination - Jack is hurt, Daniel angsts. (slash, R, angst - of course)
It's All in the Timing - Daniel's musings about Jack (J/D, R)
A Time for Everything - companion to It's All in the Timing
Aftershocks - just a bit of a rough patch for the boys
Graspable - Jack's pov mainly, considering his bond to Daniel under trying circumstances
Obfuscation 1: Obfuscation - the nature of reality...?
Obfuscation2: Clarity - Jack and Daniel continue their recovery and face some interesting truths
Obfuscation 3: Luminescence - All does not run completely smoothly with poor Jack and Daniel...
Stepping Out - just Sam and Janet getting ready to meet the guys
Precious Time - Jack's jammies hold the meaning to life,basically; and yet another of my 'Daniel running scared' vignettes,sigh.
Oasis - the desert, fever, water...some lurve stuff,too
Insomnia - Just more relationship musings
Remembrance of Rain - Daniel's ruminations on loving a certain taciturn colonel
Anecdote of Rain - just a little vignette between J and D.
Proximity - an introspective Jack
Seven Deadly Sins - While held prisoner on an alien world, Jack and Daniel must deal with a race whose behavior exemplifies in some way the seven deadly sins.
Bare Essence - Another mission, another rescue, but the boys will be returning...AND certain inhibitions Part 1 Pure Essence Part 2

Breaking Prison Walls series

Breaking Prison Walls - Daniel needs something only Jack can give
Kissing the Stone - Jack and Daniel's friendship continues to evolve
The Fragile Vial - Can Jack and Daniel deal with their new feelings and still stay friends?
Wings to Fly - Jack, trying to get an injured Daniel home
If You're Happy & You Know It - follow-up to 'Wings to Fly'