The Edel-Silmarillion

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Title: The Edel-Silmarillion
Creator: Benjamin Harff
Fandom: The Silmarillion, Tolkien
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The Edel-Silmarillion is a hand-illuminated version of The Silmarillion by Benjamin Harff. It took the artist six months to complete the project, not including the time spent on research and preparations.


TL: Can you explain how it was made?

BH: All the initials, the calligraphic pages and illumination was drawn and painted by hand. I used a steel-pen and indian ink as well as brushes and water colours. For the metal colours silver, gold and copper I took acrylics, because they are easier to handle than really laid gold and you can also work with water colour on acrylics. [...] [B]ecause I printed the book at home with a Canon-Inkjet I could not receive suitable paper for a folio-binding, so I had to let it be done by a professional bookbinder. She was so kind to show me how a leather-cover is made and let me work in her workshop, so the binding into goat leather was made by me (with help, of course).

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