The Eagle and the Raven

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You may be looking for The Eagle and the Hawk, a Star Trek: TOS K/S story.

Title: The Eagle and the Raven
Publisher: The M Press
Author(s): Melody C.
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: Northern Exposure
Language: English
External Links: The Eagle and the Raven, pdf on line posted by the author
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The Eagle and the Raven is a het novel by Melody C. and was published in 2002.

The author says the story was originally to be about Marilyn and the Flying Man and someone else came up with the idea of Joel as the Eagle.[1]


Over the course of the series, Dr. Fleischman evolved from contempt to tolerance of the unfamiliar lifestyle of Cicely and its quirky, eccentric residents. In the final season, Joel at last seemingly embraced the philosophy of Cicely and, for a time, attempted to retreat even further from modern-day society. In the end, however, New York City beckoned and Joel returned, leaving Cicely behind. Now, Joel find himself homesick in the city where he was born and raised, and realizes he has become a full-fledged Cicelian adrift in Manhattan. He is haunted by Native American symbols (one should expect to see just so many ravens crop up in an east coast city). He finds himself surviving on phone calls to his old Native Alaskan friend and former "receptionist" Marilyn. When an announcement of Marilyn's upcoming marriage arrives, Joel concludes he must return to Cicely to convince her she's marrying the wrong man...but Joel's only beginning to realize he himself is the right man for Marilyn.[2]


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