The Demonic Press

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Title: The Demonic Press
Publisher: "The Official Publication of KAG's Demon Fleet"
Date(s): 1990s
Medium: print
Fandom: multifandom
Language: English
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The Demonic Press is a zine published by "KAG's Demon Fleet."

Its focus is satire, Klingons, and more, done in the style of the "National Enquirer."

It has a sister zine called The Demonic Press Extra.

The issues are not dated (though the first issue appears to be around 1996) and each has about 24-40 pages.

The satire is often quite crude, but is not sexually explicit and contains only mild profanities.


The editorial from the first issue:

Well, here it is, the long dreaded newsletter of the Demon Fleet. In it, you'll find all manner of things which will change from month to month according to our whims. Sometimes, you may find reprints. Sometimes they will even be in the same issue. Why bother with filler when you can just say the same thing over and over again?

The Demonic Press is a newsletter that was spawned to be unlike anything else ever seen in fandom. It is meant to be wild, insane, and most especially, ZANY. Do not be fooled, this newsletter is not the product of hard work, dedication, and discipline, it is the complete and unashamed product of insanity. An insanity that we hope is contagious.

Twisty thought it would be a really good political move for me to get this newsletter out as fast as possible, what with me just being appointed commander of the Demon Fleet and all. No sooner am 1 appointed, than WHAM! Out pops the newsletter. Of course, by saying all of this in this column, I've ruined any political value putting the newsletter out like this might have had. So what. Khest the politics. (Hey, shouldn't that be in the Kais and Khests column?) Read it, enjoy it, come back for more. I know you will, you won't be able to help yourselves....heh, heh, heh!

The Demon Fleet newsletter will ALWAYS come out on time. 1 make this my solemn promise. It will be easy for us, seeing as how we're the Demon Fleet and all. And it will be especially easy since we F1AVE no publication schedule.

And one final thing. Everyone should get this newsletter. How else can you be sure that you're not in it?

Kuurlls, I have to go now, it's time for my medication.