The Dear Surprise

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Title: The Dear Surprise
Publisher: Sharpiefan
Date(s): 2013
Fandom: Aubreyad, Age of Sail
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The Dear Surprise was a one-off print fanzine in the Aubreyad fandom.

The cover of the Dear Surprise 'zine, created by Heather_mist

It was created by Sharpiefan for Esteven, whose background in Star Trek fandom, with its long history of print zines led her, on one occasion, to discuss the way fandom and fannish interactions have changed. The Aubreyad fandom is primarily an online fandom, whose fans have made use of the style and format offered by Livejournal communities.

We hope that you will receive this small token of our affection in the spirit in which it is intended and that it will be, indeed, a very Dear Surprise. (That is a pun worthy of Jack himself, of course.)

You are receiving this copy of a (probably one-off) fanzine because of something you said a few months ago in a discussion in my journal. We were discussing fandom and its development and changes over the past four decades and you mentioned that you were nostalgic for the old days, in some ways. You didn't say it in so many words at first, but then you mentioned that it would have been nice if the Age of Sail fandom had had a zine of its own.[1]

The Dear Surprise 'zine was produced collaboratively with submissions from Derien, Feroxargentea, Ozfille, Sid, Heather_mist, Alltoseek, Latin_cat, Johanirae, Sarlania and Silsbee.

The cover was created by Heather_mist[2].


  1. ^ From the Editorial by Sharpiefan
  2. ^ Incorrectly attributed to Sharpie on the actual filepage of the cover