The Dark Year is Cannibalism

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Synonyms: Kanibalkru, (Bunker) Soylent Green is People Theory
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The Dark Year is Cannibalism was a popular fan theory in The 100 fandom, it was confirmed canon in season 5, episode 11. The theory stated that in order to live the survivors, enclosed in an underground bunker after the death wave, would have to resort to cannibalism. How the theory began is unclear, but near the end of season 4 and after the season finale fans were already speculating that cannibalism was going to come into play during the six year time skip.[1][2] However the theory really seemed to gain traction when a member of the props department posted a picture of severed limbs on Instagram in October 2017.[3] At the beginning of season 5 when the characters talked about the horrors of "The Dark Year" many fans were convinced that the theory was canon, and that was later confirmed.