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Fan Club
Name: The Companions of Doctor Who
Dates: September 1981-?
Founder(s): Charlie Duvall and Cheryl Duvall
Country based in: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Focus: Doctor Who
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The Companions of Doctor Who was one of the largest US based Doctor Who fanclubs in the US. By 1097 it has [?] members in the UK, Canada and Australia.[1] The club published two zines: The Unpaid Scientific Advisor and Time Log.

flyer for the club. Click to read
From their FAQ in 2003:
"Companions of Doctor Who was formed about 1982. At that time Dr. Who was seen on Ch19 WMAH Biloxi,MS and seen in Mobile on cable or a very good outside antenna(like mine; it towered over the roof of my house!). APT started showing Dr. Who years later. We now meet every 3rd Saturday of month at the Springhill/Moorer Library at 6 S. McGregor Ave here in Mobile, AL.(During September thru November, we will meet on the 4th Saturday of the month)."
LJ icons of Doctor Who buttons designed by Cheryl Duvall
In 2007, one member wrote:
"Back in the day, I was a member of Terminus Tardis (the Atlanta DW club in the 80s) and it was part of a small chain of "Tardises" of local clubs under the umbrella of The Companions of Doctor Who. The main club was run by Charlie and his wife Cheryl Duvall out of New Orleans. Cheryl did much artwork which ended up on these buttons that she sold at her fan table at many cons in the Southeast throughout the 80s. They are no longer active in fandom, as far as I know, and the CoDW disbanded in the early 90s. :( If you ever see any of the club's annual fanzine, TimeLog floating around, be sure and grab it if you can. Good stories and good artwork."[2]


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