The Coming Flame

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: The Coming Flame
Author(s): Gerry Downes
Date(s): 1976
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Coming Flame is a gen Star Trek: TOS story by Gerry Downes.

It was published in the zine Stardate: Unknown #1.


While doing survay work for a new Federation member, Spock is drawn into that planetʼs past, while his body slowly dies in this time.

Reactions and Reviews

During transport, Spock's mind is kidnapped by a sorcerer and plopped into a destroyed planet's medieval past, where he is forced to lead an army in battle to rescue Christine Chapel. Nice switches between Sickbay and the sorcerer's world, with events in each time-space affecting the other. But basically, this story belongs to a genre in which any excuse will suffice to put our guys into an Arthurian setting. Too much of magic for my taste. [1]
'The Coming Flame' is next and is written with a very different tone; it's a sword and sorcery story in which Spock's consciousness (or whatever) is stolen from his body in mid-transport. His body lies drifting towards death in sickbay while Kirk, McCoy, and Chapel worry over him and some part of him is off on a planet waging war with a bewitched sword. [2]
The second story is "The Coming Flame," a sword & sorcery bit for Spock. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam up from a planet that is mysteriously devoid of life, and Spock finds himself mentally in another time & place, His body stays on the Enterprise, but the rest of him? Well, would you believe he is supposed to he a demon conjured by a sorcerer to lead an army into battle? [3]


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