The Comfort Zone (Stargate SG-1 archive)

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Name: The Comfort Zone
Archivist: Brionhet, Jmas, Pettygrew, and Stacey[1]
Type: hurt/comfort
Fandom: Stargate SG-1

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The Comfort Zone is a Stargate SG-1 hurt/comfort fanfiction archive. It's associated with the SG1HC mailing list that was founded in 2001.[2]

Description: "A place for those of us who like to read/write/see the Stargate SG-1 characters in jeopardy and the resulting comfort in fan fiction as well as enjoying it on the show. This site, and the SG1HC list it is for, centers on the genre known as hurt/comfort (which also includes the sub-genres angst [mental hurt/anguish] and smarm [schmoozy comfort and gratuitous character bonding])."

Fan Comments

This mailing list archive houses Stargate: SG-1 GEN and SLASH stories, with a Hurt/Comfort theme. Updated frequently, the archive also contains an interesting treat -- the first H/C zine is available to read as a PDF file, including fanart! [3]


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