The Circle

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Title: The Circle
Publisher: Agent With Style
Author(s): Mirenna
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2009
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Torchwood
Language: English
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The Circle is a slash Torchwood 276-page novel by Mirenna.



From a distributor, Agent With Style: "Welcome to an alternate Earth, where there is no Rift, no aliens and Torchwood is just a big house in Scotland. And group marriage is a part of everyday life.... The Harkness Circle, where Dreams are common and love is a double-edged sword that can knit people together... as well as destroy them. Join an all-too-human and mortal Jack Harkness as he, Ianto and the rest of the team come together to form a circle in a sweet, moving and often funny story about family, love and healing."


Reactions and Reviews

On the front "The Circle" is labeled as a slash Torchwood Novel. The story is quite good and well written, but the only relation it has to the Torchwood series is the names of the characters. It is DEFINITELY an AU novel. It was not labeled as such. And the slash parts of the novel consisted of kissing and embraces, with any actual sex happening "offscreen" and "Behind closed doors" Nothing explicit - which is fine. I understand that not all slash is a pornfest and there are fabulous stories out there that have no sex at all. This was a great story - my rant is that it should have been labeled as an AU novel. [1]


  1. ^ from a mailing list, quoted anonymously (June 1, 2009)