The Church of Perpetual Erotica

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Name: The Church of Perpetual Erotica
Dates: 1999 or before
Fandom: due South
URL: Church of Perpetual Erotica, Archived version
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The Church of Perpetual Erotica is a Due South slash site.

On the page it says "Welcome, worshippers, to the the Spiritual Home of slash" and the motto is "I slash, therefore I am". The latter is credited to Shannon K.


Articles of Faith

We encourage free expression of ideas and beliefs, we do not condone ottering of those whose opinions do not match our own.

All human beings have the right to live in peace as long as they harm none.

We realize that the human body is a thing of beauty, no matter its height, weight, color, flaws or imperfections.

We recognize that sex, while used for pro-creation is not entirely for that purpose; but can be used to express love, desire and plain old physical attraction; and that is not wrong.

There is nothing more beautiful than two people in love. [1]

Offices of the Church of Perpetual Erotica

High Priestess and Founder: Jeannie Marie

Priestess of Slash: Shannon

Choir Mistress: Donna

Ceremonial Standards & Practices: Jane

Quartermistress: Layla

Director of Sacrifices: Anagi

Resident Heretic and Blessed Lunatic: Blarney Stone

Horse Mistress and Keeper of the Whips and Chains: Paloma

Chief Missionary to Latin America: Adalisa

The Archangel Mitchell: Mitch (who else?)

Chief Missionary to Asia: Ryoko [2]


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