The Chronicles (femslash fiction archive)

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Name: The Chronicles
Date(s): 27 January 2001[1] - 03 May 2004[2]
Archivist: Jen
Founder: Jen
Type: femslash
Fandom: ER
URL: (Wayback)
The Chronicles-2002.png
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The Chronicles is a Kerry Weaver fanfiction archive. The archive has the subtitle The Definitive Kerry Weaver Fanfiction Archives. The last update was in May 2004:
"It's been a little over 3 years since the first stories were archived at The Chronicles. Since then, the site has grown to include more than 100 authors and 450 stories.
Unfortunately, The Chronicles will no longer be accepting stories for archiving. My apologies to all the wonderful authors and, of course, the faithful visitors to the site.
The site will remain online for at least one more year, so the stories will still be accessible.
Thanks to everyone for your support and understanding."[2]


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