The Center

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Title: The Center
Author(s): Lucyloo (aka Mona_Ramsey)
Date(s): Dec. 8, 2002 - July, 2004
Length: 76 Chapters in Book One (Book Two remains unfinished)
Genre: slash, fanfiction, crossover, RPS
Fandom: popslash
External Links: Chapter Index, accessed Feb 2005

On her fic LJ

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The Center is a sprawling, novel length popslash epic written by Lucyloo (aka Mona_Ramsey) and posted on a chapter-by-chapter basis to her Livejournal between late 2002 and mid 2004.

Author's Summary

The Center is a massive A/U involving all of the boys from Backstreet, 'NSync, O-Town and various and other sundry popstars. There is no pop in this, though - the guys all get together at the titular center, which is a gay drop-in spot in an unnamed northwestern city. There are many different pairings, some new and some established. Pretty much everyone in the story is gay or bi. [1]

The fic became an instant popslash classic. The response was so positive that Lucy made a paperback version available in 2006. However, she shelved her plans to continue the story with a second "book", claiming that her enthusiasm had waned.

...I was writing it not because I wanted to, but because I knew I could get comments on it, when I wasn't getting comments on anything else I was writing. it got to the point where I was posting chapters with the comments disabled, because it felt so dishonest otherwise. [2]
"A big, sprawling AU about the local gay drop-in spot in an unnamed northwestern city and the people who meet there, their activities and relationships - familiar, romantic, friendly, platonic, and everything else you can imagine. It's not a story with grand dramatic gestures or OTT emotions, and that's what I love so much about it. So many wonderful snapshots of everyday life and they all feel incredibly real. No one in the huge cast is ever neglected for long and Lucy manages to make all of them engaging and 'real'. An enormously satisfying read. (Chris/Joey, JC/AJ, Justin/Kevin, Justin/Wade, Justin/Nick, Lance/Brian, Howie/Nick, Howie/Kevin, Wade/Nick, Wade/OMC, Ashley/Dan/Drew, Kelly/Danni, and others I've forgotten right now) (seriously epic: 83 chapters in Book One, the unfinished Book Two has 14 chapters, I'm not even TRYING to make a word count)"[3]

The first few chapters of Book Two are available on her Livejournal, but to this day the story remains a WIP.


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