The Candy Store (Fastlane archive)

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Name: The Candy Store
Date(s): 2003 (or 2002?) - ?
Type: slash
Fandom: Fastlane
URL: (Wayback, original site) (Wayback, automated archive)
Fastlane Slash - The Candy Store.png
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The Candy Store is a Fastlane slash archive. The fiction was listed by author. The page was the archive of the fastlaneslash mailing list and last updated by the archivist July 31, 2003. The Candy Store stopped accepting email story submissions as of November 2003 and became an automated archive instead.

From the FAQ:

What can be posted here?

You are welcome to post any type of slash fanfic involving at least one cast member from the Fastlane. We welcome both male/male and female/female stories. All stories must feature a slash pairing, but may also contain heterosexual pairings. [...] As mentioned, all slash pairings are welcome. The stories do not have to involve sex in order to be categorized as slash. Stories of all ratings are welcome. [...]

This archive does not host Real Person Fiction, even as one part of a pairing. All stories containing Real Person content will be immediately deleted.

More importantly, The Candy Store has a very strict no plagiarism rule. Plagiarists will be permanently banned from the archive on first offence.[1]

The archive was a member of the FanFic Archives webring, the Fastlane Slash Webring and the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.[2]


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